womeninspired‘ginger o, ginger o’, as the rhythm moved everyone to the 5th gear, the Russian woman by my side asked if it was time to eat ‘ginger’. I laughed and carefully explained to her that Nigerian musicians have the best lyrics and she was very impressed. If only she was a Nigerian, then, she would have understood in clear terms what i actually meant. As the music blared louder and louder, the dance steps changed and the night gave way to the dawn of a new day – 25th December. We were all yawning, exhausted from ‘enjoyment’ – nija’s definition of stressing yourself out. I slept till noon and awoke with a migraine headache,effect of eating and drinking everything the party host had to offer. My ankles were not left out, I had saved for three months to add a Louboutin to my collections, and you understand, there was no excuse to give my feet rest,( I must wear my money till it complete lol) . ‘what will I cook today – Rice? Chicken?’ I slumped back in bed, I was all alone on a Christmas day, who will i celebrate with? who will I cook for? what a day to be home alone! I was in deep sorrow. After all the ‘jolly’ the previous night, I am celebrating a day meant to be celebrated with friends and families alone.

Do you understand the feeling? probably not! Do you spend important occasions with friends and loved ones? how do you spend such occasions? Family is the most important atom in the life of a person. The family is central to God’s plan, it’s no stretch to say that a person has a serious advantage in life if they come from a loving, supportive, home. This is no coincidence, God organizes us into families so that we can grow up in happiness and safety, and so that we can learn to love others selflessly – the key to true joy. People who have lived through disaster never say ‘All I could think about during the earthquake was my bank account’. they almost always say, ‘All I could think about was my family. It should not require a disaster for us to know this truth. But too often, we let earning money, chasing pleasure, or even the needs of people outside our families divert our attention. As Ben Fold’s lyrics goes ‘it’s not a first, yeah am sure, I must have been through worse, but ooh, its alright. Got a paddle and a creek, yeah, and its alright cuz I’ve always got my family of me’. making a happy family is no magic as it requires just an extra strained nerve, to nurture love, to facilitate communication and to make each other feel contented and secure. These are few of the inevitable blocks that make a happy family.

  • Be there for one another
  • Express affection and warmth
  • Communicate frequently and effectively
  • Rituals of affection and honour
  • Equality is the best quality

How did you show these qualities this Christmas? take out time, it’s not late, buy a gift, no matter how little and give it to that special person or persons. Put a smile on that face, you would never know what that smile can heal. Treasure your family, they are all you have got. Make a family notebook, paste pictures, events, anniversaries and goals. Make a family, Keep the family and treasure the family. Merry xmas readers.