A man passes for what he is worth. What he is engraves itself on his face, on his form, on his fortunes, in letters of light which all men may read but himself…. Emerson

What he is can be properly described as his own personality. Every act and every thought you release modifies your own character in exact conformity with the nature of the act or thought, and your character is a sort of centre of magnetic attraction which attracts to you the people and conditions that harmonize with it. You cannot indulge in an act toward  another person without having first created the nature of that act in your own thought and you cannot release a thought without planting the sum and substance of it in your own subconscious mind, there to become a part and parcel of your character. This simple principle makes you understand why you cannot afford to hate, envy, strike back or keep malice by thought or deed without injuring yourself first. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.

This article will expound on some subtopics in relation to a total man.

ACCURATE THOUGHT: The law of evidence varies according to the subject and circumstances with which it is used, but you will not go far from wrong if, in the absence of that which you know to be facts, you form your judgements on the hypothesis that only that part of the evidence before you which furthers your own interests is based on facts. The accurate thinker adopts a standard by which he guides himself, and he follows that  standards at all times whether it works to his advantage or to his disadvantage at all times.

  • The accurate thinker deals in fact regardless of how they affect his own interests and understands the soundness of the philosophy of Croesus “there is a wheel on which the affairs of men revolve, and its mechanism is such that it prevents any man from being always fortunate”.
  • The accurate thinker has but one standard in which he conducts himself, in his intercourse with his fellow men, and that standard is observed by him as faithfully when it brings him temporary disadvantage as it is when it brings him an advantage, it requires the staunchest and unshakable character to be an accurate thinker.

SELF-CONTROL: It is a fact that majority of a man’s grief come through the lack of self-control. The holy bible admonishes in full to the extent of loving our enemies and forgiving those who injure us. It is also a fact that those whom the world calls great(Nelson Mandela) posses this quality of self control. “there is , something as rotten as hell about the man who is always trying to show some fellow up!”

  • a person with well developed self control does not indulge in hatred, envy, jealousy, fear, revenge, anger or any destructive emotions.
  • Greed , selfishness and self approval beyond the point of accurate self analysis and appreciation of ones actual merits indicate lack of self control. Stop blaming others for your anger and get it wrapped, inbuilt anger is a sign of a failing man.
  • Self confidence is one of the important essentials of success, but when this faculty is developed beyond the point of reason, it becomes dangerous. When you think you are always right, always in command, and worship “respect” like some god, you are bound to fail. How do I know my self confidence is beyond reason? Look around you, how many of your family members, friends, ex lovers are you enemies with? If the number is increasing, you definitely have an anger and self confidence problem.
  • Self sacrifice is a commendable quality, but when it is carried to extremes, it, also, becomes one of the dangerous forms of self-control.
  • A person with well developed self control will react proportionately when faced with decisions and not react extremely for any given problems. Reactions must be checked in all facets of life.
  • A person with well developed self-control will never, under any circumstances , slander another person, seek revenge for any cause whatsoever.
  • A person with self-control will not hate those who do not agree with him, instead, he will endeavour to understand the reason for the disagreement and profit by it.
  • A person with self control will not form opinions on nothing more substantial than a desire for a thing to be or not to be.
  • Another grievous form of lack of self-control is the “spending habit”. If your deeds are constructive and you are at peace with yourself, in your own heart, you will not find it necessary to stop and explain your motives for they will explain themselves. The world soon forgets its destroyers, it builds its monuments and bestows its honours on its builders. Keep this in mind, you will more easily reconcile yourself to the policy of refusing to waste all your energies by “striking back”. You have a tremendous advantage over the man who does you an injury: you have it within your power to forgive him, while he has no such advantage over you.

Self control is the result of thought control. “losing your temper” and with it your case or argument shows you are lacking in choosing your thoughts that dominate your mind. How do I react in a state of anger? In exactly the same way that you would change your tone of voice when you are in a heated argument with a member of your family and there is a knock on the door warning you that you have company , you will control yourself because you desire to do so. It can be done only if you DESIRE.

HABIT OF SAVING: The saving of money is solely a matter of habit. Formation of the habit of saving does not mean that you shall limit your earning capacity, it means just the opposite-that you shall apply this law so that it not only conserves that which you earn, in a systematic manner, but it also places you in the way of greater opportunity and gives you the vision, self-confidence, the imagination, the enthusiasm, the initiative and leadership actually to increase your earning capacity. Make up your mind for how much you intend to save, repeat this amount as many times for it to be registered in your subconscious. This principle allows you  take another job just to make sure you save that particular amount monthly.

THE SLAVERY OF DEBT: Debt is a merciless master, a fatal enemy of the saving habit. Poverty is strong enough to kill off ambition, destroy self-confidence and destroy hope, but add it to the burden of debt and all who are victims are doomed to failure. Do not be led on by past glories, because if you were a total man, those glories will not be “past”. thousands of married couple start lives with debts, after the novelty of marriage begins to wear off, the embarrassment of want begins, and this feeling grows until it leads, oftentimes, to open dissatisfaction and eventually to divorce. Never buy that which you don’t need at the moment, make up your mind, no more debt, not even a penny. Seclude yourself from all except a well selected group of friends who enjoy you without elaborate entertainment on your part. A budget system should be maintained and strictly observed at all times. When opportunities come to those whose who have saved, it’s easy to grab them.

“neither a borrower, nor a lender be:

For loan oft loses both itself and friend

And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night and the day,

Thou canst not them be false to any man”