(_)•̸•̸churchill•̸•̸I had made up my mind to keep myself ‘pure’ till my final year in the University. I wanted to be focused, read and gain the admiration of all especially my parents. In all I set out to do, I could not avoid the stares of one of the most handsome boy in the class. Beautiful is an understatement. He was the dream man for any normal girl, average height, sculpted body build, and an unruffled appearance. He had eyes that could say more than words and lips that screamed ‘kiss me if you want to’. Those same eyes are staring at me now, unraveling my innermost private parts, begging me to be his girl. What should I do?.

Last week I was called upon to take part in a political meeting mostly because my classmates considered me intelligent enough to make good suggestions. While in the meeting, I took over the show, narrating the pros and cons of why the Faculty must not be run by the lecturers but the students, little did I know that someone was more than impressed with my verbal power. After the meeting, a guy walked to me and said ‘wow, am impressed, you are a definition of 10 women in one’. I walked away after nearly passing away from looking at the most incredible eyes I had ever seen. I was sweating already in Harmattan, ‘what is happening to me?’. Yes, it is those same eyes that are staring at me now. ‘Should I give him a chance? will I lose my focus? would I break a promise to myself? God help me, I am in a fix’. I knew it, Love was in the air, the first man who made my heart beat faster.

I am talking to you long Lady, what is your name? the Lecturer’s voice roared in my subconscious mind. ‘Sorry Sir’ I said, ‘Sorry for yourself’ he responded. I quickly said ‘my name is Feintola’, and turned around to stare at the person who was capable of making me lose concentration in class. Lo and behold, he was not in the class. I had started day dreamin

Nuru was the most loving guy, with his meager pocket-money he will buy me lunch and cook indomie noodles for me, he cherished me, he worshipped me, he was my dream man, I loved him too. It was love made in heaven, we were meant for each other, we did naughty things together, laughed at the flaws of others, go out for a date just to gossip about others, and his laughter constantly reminds me of him untill I received a phone call…