kissHe tried to be as still as possible, peaking through the leaves, wondering if they were still out there. He had the courage to peep once more and now he was all alone. The birds chatted and hopped from trees to trees singing and chanting heavenly praises which sounded sad to him, ‘what have I done? I feel so empty and alone now’.

He heard some rustling around him and was immediately enveloped in fear, ofcourse there was no one left.

He remembered the first day he met her, he was at the train station to pick up the nurse sent to assist him in the community hospital.

‘He is now 30 minutes late, I won’t tolerate any form of lateness’ he murmured to himself. As he stood waiting, bursting with anger, a beautiful lady with manicured nails and sophisticated appearance walked up to him and said ‘the train was late, am here now, can we go’?

‘Who are you? he asked ‘my name is Chidinma, the nurse sent to assist you’. ‘That cannot be, I requested for a nurse and not a model’ he shouted. He turned around and screeched the tires and drove away. She stood dumbfounded, already disliking him. Suddenly she viewed the rear of his country truck as he reversed and stopped missing her feet by an inch. ‘Get in’ he roared, ‘I will take you to your quarters untill I get a better replacement for you’.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months and he could not contain the attraction. He was in Love with this ‘model’.

When he kissed her, there was no pause, no decision to be made, no slow approach. He moved in, and his mouth consumed her. He tasted like tequilla and lime…and something sweeter, darker. His tongue swept out against her lips, he filled her mouth, stroking the most sensitive spots, hungry to consume all the long months of waiting. He couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped as his mouth as he slanted over her again, bringing her breast in contact with his chest, and he made a sound like a growl. It was a heady feeling, ‘she has to be mine, she is mine, I can’t live without her’, that was the beggining of a passionate love affair.

Little did he know that his ‘model’ was struggling with cancer.

The night sky stood an inky canopy of darkness freckled only by the fewest of stars, where just hours ago it had been a blue summer’s day. The occasional hoot of a hidden owl was the only sound to permeate the silence until a chorus of slapping footsteps and crunching gravel echoed angrily into the emptiness of the night. As voices quickly followed, the owl ommited a screech of protest and took flight.

He had to leave the Cemetary now.

Thank you ย AUTHOR S B MAZINGย for this wounderful opportunity. I had to write a story from a sentence prompt. Check it out, this blog event is inspiring and interesting especially when everyone writes different stories from the same prompt. It is amazing how different minds work. This is my story from Finish it! #5