1446416731278I believe the person who sows a single beautiful thought in the mind of another, renders the world a greater service than that rendered by all the faultfinders combined.

‘Jack of all trades’ were my father’s favourite words in describing me.

I am a restless person, always seeking to uncover, research, motivate and encourage people. A Lawyer, a writer, a teacher, a wife and a blogger whose blog is wholly inspired by women and focuses on Inspirational and motivational factors in marriage, relationships, career, life and style.

It is a fact that when a man really finds himself at the top of the ladder of success, he is never alone, because no one can climb to genuine success without taking others along with them.

My dream is to be a super wife, centered on the principles of Christ. If you share my dream, Lets go on this journey of self-discovery together.


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